Without an instrument, how could one play Mozart?

The fund“The Musician’s Instrument” helps musicians acquire their instrument

The endowment is managed by

the King Baudouin Foundation

A musician without an instrument is like a painter without brushes  


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Did you know?


of the students in the Belgian Conservatories do not have access to good music instruments


On average, a violin for a professional player costs € 20.000 and a cello costs €25.000


Most students do not have the financial resources to pay such an amount for an instrument.

The Musician’s Instrument Fund

Prepares a saving plan with the young musician and the Crédal Cooperative, which is specialised in social finance/financing.

Provides assistance in preparing a tailor-made saving plan.

Complements the loan with a substantial grant.

Cooperates with luthiers and instrument makers to buy an instrument adapted to the young musician’s need.