Our solutions:


You can make monthly or yearly donations.

Thanks to your monthly support (5 euros, 10 euros, 20 euros and 50 euros), we can plan our long-term help.

You can also choose the option to make an annual payment.


As part of your estate, you can help the Fund by making a duo-donation that will allow your loved ones to benefit from a tax reduction. Contact your notary.

We are also at your disposal for further advice.


Your company or association can sponsor either the Fund, an instrument or a young person for the acquisition of a musical instrument. In this case, the instrument will bear your name.

Account number: BE10 0000 0000 0404  of the King Baudouin Foundation under the structured reference 019/2120/00054 specific to the Musician’s Instrument Fund.


Donations from 40 euros per year made to the Foundation benefit in Belgium from a tax reduction of 45% of the amount actually paid.

Donors established in France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Denmark can benefit from tax advantages in their country of residence, this following the recognition obtained by the King Baudouin Foundation in these four countries.

But also

Lend or donate an instrument

The Fund makes an instrument available to young musicians, pending the acquisition of one.

Do you have a string instrument? In that case, contact the Fund (GSM: 0479 / 109.249).

To act

Volunteer for example during the events organised by the Fund (GSM: 0479 / 109.249)