Who can benefit from the aid of the Musical Instrument Fund?

Young musicians in their third year of a Bachelor’s degree in a Belgian conservatory and attending such institution for at least a year.

They must lack the resources necessary to acquire their instrument.

The fund aims primarily to acquire string instruments.

To be objective, the selection is made on three criteria:

  1. Resources:
    The student must present one of the following proofs of lack of sufficient resources:
    He/she benefits from a grant, increased intervention for health care, has a certificate from the social service of the Conservatory or any other document attesting that the student does not have resources needed to meet these expenses.
  2. The hearing:
    Applicants must present an audition before a jury of professional musicians.
  3. The interview :
    Applicants will have to undergo an interview by members of the “Musical Instrument” Fund or by persons delegated by it to assess their professional motivations.

These three stages make it possible to base oneself on objective elements to select the musicians applying for funding.

The musician’s instrument fund will finance the instruments in proportion to its financial means. It is solely empowered to allocate the amounts and the number of instruments financed. No appeal to decisions is possible by candidates or any other institution.

For the 2023/2024 academic year, the fund is aimed at musicians from the Conservatoires of Brussels, Liège, Mons and IMEP.
You can find details about current selections for loan or instrument acquisition on the French version of the website.