Almost 20% of the students of the Belgian Conservatories do not have an instrument that allows them to develop their talent.

This is evidently a major obstacle to their talent and work! How can they start a demanding artistic career?

How can we help these young artists?

Our project

Assisted savings

How to save enough money when you are a student? It is essential given the cost of a quality string instrument. But small streams make big rivers! In collaboration with the financial cooperative ‘Crédal sociale’, we support young musicians’ monthly saving efforts, thus making them actors in developing their own projects..

Help in obtaining a loan

We know that students or young professionals saving will not be enough: more money will be needed. How to get a bank loan when you are a young professional? We support young musicians in obtaining an essential loan from the CREDAL financial cooperative.

Financial donation

Unfortunately, in most cases, students’ best savings efforts supplemented by loans will not be enough. That is why your donations will be key. Thanks to your generosity, we will complement a student’s own financial effort by a financial donation.

Choose the instrument

How do you find the perfect companion to express your talent?

Our experts guide the musician towards the acquisition of his/her instrument.

But also

Lend an instrument

The fund makes an instrument available to young musicians while they are waiting to acquire one of their own.